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Sunnah 141: Increase your good deeds for Thul-Hijjah

November 6, 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

“There are no days in which righteous deeds are done that are more beloved to Allah than these 10 days [ie. the ten days of Thul Hijjah]” Bukhari

Tomorrow should inshAllah be the first day of Thul-Hijjah (depending if they see the moon tonight, but please check a reliable source to be sure).

Allah (swt) also says: “By the Dawn. By the Ten Nights”. [Surat Al-Fajr, 89.1-2], which the scholars have said refers to the 10 days of Thul Hijjah. We all know that when Allah chooses to swear by something, it is something great. We perhaps would not have recognized its greatness had Allah not sworn by it- so we should really take heed.

We all usually spend the last 10 nights of Ramadan in worship and prayer, without realizing that these 10 days are also full of blessing, when we should maximize what we do for the sake of Allah in the hope of Him accepting our acts and responding to our du’a.

We should all think of these 10 days as a gift, a bonus, where we should try to gain as many points as possible and try to be closer to Allah. It’s around two months since Ramadan ended, and many people are struggling to keep up with at least some of the basic things we used to do in Ramadan, so Allah has given as these days to inshAllah energize us. These are some sunnas and recommended deeds that we could do during these blessed days:

1- Fasting (especially on the day of Arafa)

2- Giving Charity

3- Praying the sunna prayers

4- Repenting to Allah sincerely

5- Du’a

6- Takbir (Allahu akbar Allahu akbar, wa lilah al-hamd, Allahu akbar Allahu akbar, la ilaha ila Allah)- Allah says: “That they might witness things that are of benefit to them and mention the name of Allah on appointed days, over the beast of cattle that He has provided for them (for sacrifice)… ” [SuratAl-Hajj 22: 28] The majority of scholars agree that the “appointed days” are the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah, because of the words of ibn `Abbas (ra): “The ‘appointed days’ are the first ten days (of Dhul-Hijjah).”

7- Doing good deeds in general especially those that have been difficult to us; perhaps restoring ties of kinship that have faded away/been cut off, being good to parents, smiling at people, helping others, reading and reflecting on Qur’an. Re-read some of the previous sunnahs for ideas!

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