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Sunnah 5: Ask God to bless that which you like

April 20, 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Whoever sees something he likes in himself, or with his brother, or his wealth, should ask God to bless it; for truly the evil eye is true” [Ahmad and Ibn Majah]

When we see something we like in ourselves, the pitfall is that we could feel pride; when we see something we like in someone else, we may unintentionally envy that person. So what we should do is make du’a or supplicate for God to bless the object of our fascination; this is to ward off any ill-intent in our own hearts but also to recognize that it is Allah who has power over these things.

Dr. As-SayedNuh, professor of Hadith Sciences at Al-Azhar University, explains further:

Envy and the evil eye have a common factor in breeding contempt and hatred, and showing or feeling resentment of someone’s success or advantage. This is what the evil eye normally aims at.

Both are supported by many proofs from revealed texts and reasoning. However, they do not automatically affect a person and can never harm unless Allah wills so. Hence, they shouldn’t be a cause of fear or terror to anyone, for supreme power and might are for Almighty Allah alone and He is the Only One we should fear. It is in Him that we should seek protection against Satan and the evil eye.

Moreover, one should never, if they don’t have proof, accuse anyone of being envious or evil, for this may result in breeding contempt and discord among people.

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