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Welcome to A Sunnah A Day!

April 11, 2010

Salaam alaikm everyone!

On the 15th of April, we will begin a new initiative of practicing a new sunnah a day! To get regular updates, add yourself to this fanpage on facebook, follow us on twitter and get detailed suggestions for how to implement the day’s sunnah on our website! You can even get the updates sent to your inbox by joining our googlegroup!
What is this initiative?
There are so many things the Prophet (pbuh) taught us. Some things require us to work hard on or require a lot of time such as developing certain character traits, working on our khushoo’ (devotion) in prayer and so on- but some things he taught us we can do very easily and simply.
We know the Prophet (pbuh) was the best example so let us at least start by emulating the simple things he did.
Each day we will post a hadith that we can easily put into practice, such as reading Qur’an or shaking hands or visiting relatives.
We have to ensure that we practice it on that day at least, but we should remind ourselves that consistency is good too 🙂
Let’s make this initiative huge! Suggest to your friends so that we get ajr for alllll those people who Practice a Sunnah a Day!
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  1. November 8, 2012 5:57 am

    You should post more sunnahs! I miss your posts! I would constantly share it with some friends and collegues, and they’re waiting on me for new updates and I’m running out!

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